We stay up to date in the fields of translation and communications to ensure the quality of our services and we are flexible in the combination of services we provide.


Saying what you mean, the way you intended, to ensure your audience understands your message from English to French.

Writing & Editing

We can help you ensure that any written document is well written, will accurately reflect your intent and be easily read and understood.


To achieve your organizational objectives, you need to ensure your internal and external communications align.


We take your wording in English and transfer it into French, while preserving the exact meaning, technicality and tone of your original document and applying cultural and regional subtleties to the target language.

Translation from English (source language) to French (target language)

Provide accurate and timely translation from English to French of documents containing general language (minimal jargon and technical words) as well as technical, scientific and specialty language (important use of jargon and subject specific vocabulary).

Provide creative and/or innovative thinking from English to French for marketing, advertising, labeling and packaging documents to ensure that accurate meaning, tone, humour and regional sensitivities are reflected.

Translation Proofreading, Editing and Revision from English to French

Review of translations prior to final printing or digital publishing (web) to ensure translations were accurately transferred to the final formatted document.

Review of documents previously translated by other translators.

Translation Formatting

To prevent potential mistakes during transfer of translation from one communication format to another, we are able to translate in the same document format as the source language document. We maintain the original formatting including fonts, spacing and emphasis. This is particularly useful when creating marketing documents such as packaging labels or ads were space is limited and the document design must take into account the difference in language length (number of words). The software in which we can input translation include:

Adobe Creative Documents

PDF and InDesign (able to translate into existing design and manipulate design to ensure enough space for French translation, which is generally lengthier than the original English wording)

Microsoft Office Suite

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher

Web-based applications

WordPress and Survey Monkey

Writing & Editing

We can help you ensure that any written document, such as a brochure, article, report, or instruction manual is well written, will accurately reflect your intent and be easily read and understood.

Our writing services include:

professional biographies

speaker introductions

website content


And more.

Our review editing services include:

wording and vocabulary accuracy

references correctness

style and language consistency and improvement

formatting consistency


meaning clarification

overall flow improvement

And more.

We can write and edit documents in any Microsoft Office Suite format such as Word or Excel as well as in Adobe PDF and InDesign formats or web-based programs such as WordPress.


We can help you communicate better with all your stakeholders. Are you looking to increase your employee engagement, plan the release of a product, upgrade your website or anything else in between for which the way you communicate will impact the outcome? You can call on us to help you create an effective communications strategy, plans, tactics and tools to meet your goals. We can collaborate with and have access to excellent creative agencies and writers to ensure that your next communications will help you achieve your goals.

Beyond the communications strategies, tactics and tools, we will work with you to develop scorecard metrics to measure the effectiveness of your communication and ensure it remains aligned with your objectives.

Notary Public

Do you need a legal document notarized or copies certified as accurate renditions of original documents? Véronique Loewen is a Notary Public in and for Saskatchewan. Véronique can verify your identification, administer your oaths or declarations, witness your signature, notarize and seal your documents and certify copies of original documents.

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